AntiBug® Lifetime guarantee

We want you to have confidence in BugBear bottles and their antimicrobial properties, this is why we offer a lifetime guarantee for the antimicrobial efficiency of our AntiBug® technology.

Lifetime refers to the lifetime of the bottle, which is usually at least 5 years under normal use.

We guarantee that the AntiBug® technology will continue to work for the lifetime of the bottle.

Our bottles will last at least 5 years with normal use, your BugBear bottle and coffee cups cannot go in the dishwasher as this will invalidate any warranty.  Putting your BugBear products in the dishwasher will damage the thermal properties, the AntiBug® effectiveness and also will damage the lids making them not leak proof.

We guarantee the bottles against manufacturing defaults, such as broken lids.

Unfortunately, we cannot cover accidental damage or wear and tear on your BugBear bottles .  As each bottle is printed damage to the print can occur with general wear and tear. We are not able to offer guarantee on the print, overtime the design might fade, chip, or the bottle might dent if you drop it, but the bottle will still be leakproof, protected by Antibug and the thermal properties will continue to work as your loved everyday bottle is used.

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